Historical Buildings at the Uxbridge-Scott Museum

 - Quaker Hill School
Built in 1924 and became the home of the museum in 1972.

 - Fifth Line Church
A Methodist Episcopal Church built in 1870 and moved to the museum site in 1979.

 - Stokes-Kydd House
Built in 1908 and moved to the site in 2002 to house the museum's main office, archives, gift shop, and a display gallery.

 - Implement Shed
With a collection of farm implements including an Etwell cutter, a Lasher sleigh, a Davidson fanning mill, and a Harman plow, all made locally.

 - Hillson Carriage Shed
The shed was moved to the museum in April 1973.

 - Carmody House
The house was moved to the museum in May 1988. A variety of herbs are planted in the garden for those who are interested in learning more about herbs.

 - Saw Mill
The saw mill was moved from the Bacon farm at Mash Hill to the museum in April 1995.

 - Print Shop

 - Scott Township Hall
Built in 1860 and moved to the museum in July, 1993.

 - Nesbitt Shed

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